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Springfield Old Capitol Art Fair

Dates of Event: 
May 19, 2018 to May 20, 2018
10 am - 5 PM, 10 am - 4 PM
Place: Old State Capitol Complex, Corner of 5th and Adams, Springfield , IL
Conditions for Exhibitors: 

Definition of a reproduction: If an original work is copied and reproduced by digital or photographic means and printed on an offset press, Xerox copier, a serigraph press, or through a computer by means of an inkjet or laser printer, it is a reproduction. This definition includes giclees. Each piece must be clearly labeled as a reproduction. Reproductions are not eligible for cash prizes.

Definition for limited edition prints: this includes all media of hand-printed editions such as: intaglio, lithography, woodcuts, linocuts, serigraphy, as well as photographs. Editions must not exceed 250 in an edition and must be marked as “limited edition prints.” Limited edition prints are eligible for cash prize awards in their respective show medium categories.

Note cards, postcards, calendars, coloring books, food products, posters, t-shirts, velvet, etc. are not allowed under this policy. Ceramics made from commercial molds, commercially fabricated jewelry forms and settings, and items made from hobby store kits are also not acceptable.